Jul. 3rd, 2005

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We're in Rome right now, and seeing some interesting things. We went to the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's today, but I started to realize that in the Vatican Museum especially, and in Rome in general to a pretty significant degree, there's just an ovewhelming amount of stuff to see, but you really need to have a lot of background knowledge to really appreciate it. I guess most tourists don't have that knowledge, so they just look at the pretty stuff, and admire it. And it is worthwhile to do that, I think. But I couldn't help but feel like "hmm, I know this can defintely be appreciated more if you have more background knowledge..." Especially with the Vatican museum, where there's ridiculous amounts of pretty artwork, but they don't make much effort to explain why it's significant. I guess that can be hard to do with a display, and it's even harder because we were rushing through things, since we only had a little over an hour, because we didn't want to wake up insanely early to get there when it opened, and they close early, (1:45 on Sat.), and there's long lines to get in. And plus I don't know all that much about Christian theology in general, which it's sort of assumed that you do in Christian artwork. But what I'm thinking is basically the difference between a random classical music concert, and a concert conducted by John Alston. With one, you say "oh, pretty music", where with the other, you really appreciate what you're hearing. So, yeah... Well, it was still cool to see, even if I couldn't entirely appreciate everything...

I think I do have more background knowledge for (at least some of) what I've seen in Germany, which has helped. And I've picked up knowledge about the Berlin Wall stuff (which I don't know as much about), from helpful displays there. This experience in Rome has kind of reminded me why it probably would have been interesting to do the summer Yiddish thing in Lithuania that I thought about doing. But that wouldn't have actually worked out for this summer, for a number of reasons, and I've probably had more fun anyway sightseeing with Susan.

I guess since I am posting, I should also mention that Susan decided that we should just be friends, at least for a while. We are definitely still having a lot of fun together, and it's true that that does take some pressure off for right now, as far as like having to worry "should we be dating? or should we just be good friends?". And we can maybe still have a relationship that's sort of in between dating and not, sort of like [livejournal.com profile] scibilia and David. At the same time, though...well...I definitely do still have a lot of affection for her...so, I guess we'll see what happens. I've definitely felt more angsty about this at other times over the past week (ie. when I've had time alone...), and I probably will post again with deeper thoughts on this at some point relatively soon. But in the end...I guess it depends on what she wants...


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