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Well, it looks like even though things were bad for the Democrats, they weren't any worse than predicted--and at least in the Senate, slightly better, in that the craziest of Tea Party crazies unexpectedly lost (ie., Sharron probably Joe Miller in Alaska, and possibly Ken Buck in Colorado, too), and the Democrats managed to hold the Senate. Of course, even though I was hoping that Harry Reid would get re-elected, I was also hoping that he'd get replaced as majority leader, and it sounds like that's not actually going to happen...

So I guess my feelings about the election are a reflection of the way the human reward/punishment system really calibrates to expectations, huh? Since I already got the nauseating feeling from these results earlier on, realizing from Nate Silver's predictions that this really was going to happen. Also, I do think/hope the Republican House will help Obama get re-elected, since they can't just say no to everything and blame it all on Obama. But I guess we'll see how that works out.

Now, I'm also confused about California...which I guess shouldn't be a surprise. The Democrats won all the statewide offices, but the propositions passed to make it completely impossible to do anything to balance the budget other than cut spending. But then how did they also did get rid of the 2/3 requirement to pass the budget? At first, I couldn't even figure out how that would work...but I guess it just means that it'll be easier to pass a budget, but impossible to avoid spending cuts (or even more creative accounting?) in doing so. So...does this mean that UCs are screwed even more than before?

Also, I'm kind of disappointed that the citizens' redistricting thing got applied to CA U.S. House seats, because that's probably not going to be good for the Democrats nationally. But I guess we'll see how that one works out. (Am I remembering right in thinking this doesn't go into effect until 2020? So I guess this could still be repealed, given the chaos of California politics?)

Date: 2010-11-04 12:43 am (UTC)
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Because direct democracy is for idiots and very small political units.


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