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Hmm, reading the Phoenix, including the article about $1000 being stolen from a freshman in ML, and Arthur's column, being reminded again about what happened at that Sharples party... I guess this is what happens when they try to make Swarthmore more "normal", isn't it? Well, when you decide you don't want to fill your school with wimpy intellectuals, and instead try to increase the number of people who will make lots of money and donate back to Swarthmore... (which is something that I know Jerome Kohlberg has strongly encouraged the school to do), and still expect to keep Quaker values... I guess it doesn't work so well, does it?

(OK, this might be more angry and less well-reasoned than it might be because I didn't get enough sleep last night, after sitting on a closed Schulkyll Expressway from 2 AM and 3:30 AM last night, and I should be studying for a test tomorrow. And I'm a little bit numb from the Cardinals losing, although by the end, it looked like the Astros really were the better team, so the Cardinals needed to just be put out of their misery... Well, it hurt a lot less than if they had lost on Monday, which they were within one out of doing... And I'm also noticing the irony of blaming Jerome Kohlberg, when the victim of the Sharples thing is an Evans scholar. And considering that he gave me about $150,000, I guess it's really not fair for me to blame him for things. But still, wow... There really has been more aggressive violence by Swarthmore students lately than there ever was before, hasn't there?)
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