May. 13th, 2006

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Just for curiosity, has anyone who follows "Law and Order" noticed a distinct change in the politics of the show in some of the newer episodes? I actually never used to watch it much before, but my roommates got me addicted to it (well, and the fact that there's endless reruns of it on TNT to watch when I want to), so I've watched a lot of it this year. The thing is, on all of the old episodes, Jack McCoy (the District Attorney) really seems like he's honestly interested in looking for the truth and doing the right thing. But I've noticed at least a few episodes from the past year or two (which are noticeable because Jerry Orbach isn't in them) where he instead looks like your stereotypical obnoxious, nasty, egotistical prosecutor who just wants to be able to say he did his job, even if that means ignoring the truth to make his job easier. And the thing is, the way it plays out, it's not intended just to make the show more interesting--it looks like the show is portraying that as how things are supposed to be. And because I generally have grown to really respect Jack McCoy's character, from watching all of the episodes where he is a good guy, it really pisses me off to see that. Can I blame Bush for that? (ie. the show decided that the country has become more conservative, so they need to follow the tide?) Of course, if this has really just happened in the last year or two, they're a little bit late on that, but I don't know.

This was brought on by an episode that I saw tonight, which was really bad with that. A description of the story )

So yeah, of course it is just a TV show, and after writing this, I think a lot of what's bothered me is more from crappy/lazy writing more than any conscious political agenda... Still, I wouldn't be surprised if they are trying to make it more "realistic" to what prosecutors are really like, and trying to appeal to a more conservative audience. And either's upsetting to see a (yeah, fictional) person who you generally really respect as good and honorable, and who does his job the way we'd hope real prosecutors do, all of a sudden become...less so, and be more vindictive and egotistical, and less truth-seeking. But just subtly enough that there's no real explanation for it, and nobody around him treats him any differently, so it just seems like an evolution in his personality, not something sudden that would have an expicit cause that can be analyzed. (Now Arthur did tell Serena, when Arthur was lecturing her, and she asked this, that Jack didn't feel as strongly as he did, but it was Arthur's decision to make. But there's no evidence that Jack disagreed with him, and everything that they did show earlier in the episode suggested that Jack generally agreed with Arthur here, which is what's out of character with what I would have expected from him in the past.) And I guess it's also upsetting to see a show that always was well-written, interesting, and idealistic to all of a sudden change like this. Well...I guess there's still plenty of old reruns out there...


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